Friday, July 6, 2012

Awesome and Getting Awesome-r

No matter how mature/knowledgeable/wise we get, we can always learn more, right? I figure, everyone has something to work on even when they're already awesome. And frankly, how many of us actually believe we're awesome, even when others tell us we are? So here are some things that I'm working on right now, and maybe you are too. Or maybe you've already got these things down, and you're working on other stuff - I know I don't have much of a following yet (haha, last time I checked it was ZERO! It's a new blog) but hey, you're reading it now! So tell me what you're working on, if you want, in the comments.

My list:
  • actually making an effort to meet someone fantastic instead of just bemoaning that my job doesn't offer opportunities to do so.
  • not being self conscious, and just having fun.
  • not leaving crafty messes behind me (or any other sort, but we'll start there, haha).
  • cutting out refined foods as much as possible, and not eating gluten. Possibly avoiding corn again too.
  • Saying yes when invited to go somewhere or do something, even if it's out of my comfort zone.
  • knowing what my time is worth and how I want to spend it. (see bullets 1, 2 and 5, lol)
And I think that's a good starting place. It sounds like a lot, but some of them I already have a good handle on and some are just a matter of letting go of my inner control freak! Too bad I can't keep it around just for the mess aspect, right?
So here's to always getting better and yet still believing we're awesome!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Online Dating... Um, Yeah...

Okay, so I spent most of the day with a very happy married couple and when you're single... well... that can be hard. Don't get me wrong, I really like both of them and had a lot of fun. All the same, I decided it was time to renew my online dating presence. 
The History:
I despised the idea of online dating for a looooooong time, but as a teacher I don't necessarily meet a lot of single guys, you know? Plus, at the time I started I had just moved to Denver for the summer and had no friends here and nothing to occupy my time. I was lonely and bored... so I sucked it up and wrote a profile. I chatted with a few guys, and met exactly one guy in person. He wasn't the only guy I talked to, but he definitely took the cake.  He suggested (on our first and only date) that since I was going to be away from Denver for nine months, he could get me pregnant before I left and I would be back just in time to have the baby. Ummm... yeah... no. I do of course want children and I'm definitely feeling the tick of my biological clock, but really?! 1) I don't know you well enough to even consider kissing you, let alone having a baby with you. 2) Why on earth would I want to be away from the father of my child during my first pregnancy, when a girl really needs support from her significant other? And 3) That would have been me getting pregnant after knowing the father for only two months. I'm not that desperate. Plus I want to be married before I have children, and I'm not going to marry you within two months. After saying something like that, I'm not going to marry you ever.
So, after that, you probably understand why I made my profile invisible and took a break from the online dating thing. Although actually it was because I met someone through the aforementioned married friend (which didn't work out). But it totally could have been because of crazy guys like that.
Anyway... when I renewed this profile and made it visible again, I did a quick search for guys in the area where I normally live, as opposed to Denver where I am just for another month or so. Saw some interesting profiles, too. And this, finally, is the point of this post. I have decided that some of these are interesting enough to share with other people. Take this one, for example:

"Relaxed, stable married man (please don't judge, the wife knows I'm here and doing this), gainfully employed, own my own vehicle looking for no strings attached fun. I'm in a happy marriage , just looking for someone to have fun with every now and then to spice things up. Will provide pictures upon request."
Or how about these?
Under the "seeking" heading: 
"A woman ages 18 to 59"
Under the interests heading: 
"I actually like the notebook"
riding bikes in Walmart (haha)
Under the "About Me" heading:
My rap name is ''TIGHTY WHITEY'' 
These I actually thought were funny in a good way: 
"you can check out my facebook if you want to cyber-stalk me. [facebook address]
If you are a stalker, would you please go through my postal mail and throw away all the junk? Thanks in advance creepy woman."
 "I am also afraid of spiders and I hate smug people my personal hell would be making love to a smug spider "

So yeah... there are some interesting ones out there. We'll see if I meet anyone awesome, though. Wish me luck! (Typed "lick" by accident, boy am I glad I caught that before I hit "post"! Please don't wish me lick.)
Oh, and you might be interested to know that "tighty whitey" winked at me while I was writing this post.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Decorative Frame (Semi-Tutorial)

This is a one of the decorated frames I made last summer when I was in another state and homesick for my friends. If you don't like any of the pre-matted frames, you can also buy photo mats there and pair them with whichever frame you do like. I'm linking this one up to the Dollar Store Crafts contest, too.

A pre-matted frame
A set (or two) of letter stickers
(I used the kind for your wall)
Several matching dot stickers
(from my stash but I'm sure they have some that would work at the dollar store)
A piece of black poster board
A photograph 
(the Dollar Tree sells photo paper in two sizes)

This was super simple. First I decided what picture to use and what message would match it. My photo was smaller than the matting because I got it off of Facebook, so I backed it with a piece of black poster board that I cut to size. I was disappointed at first but now I really like the way it looks! 
I spelled out my message on the glass, re-positioning the letters as needed. Since they're the kind for your wall, they were really easy to move around until I got the placement just right.
Finally I used silver dot stickers that I got on clearance to decorate the corners. I actually made five of these and arranged them together on my wall - it turned out looking awesome!

Carpet Saver (Semi-Tutorial)

If you have cats you may recognize the purpose if this right away; cats HATE to be locked in or out of a room and they often will scratch at the carpet to try to get out. I don't think they're stupid enough to think they can tunnel out... I actually think they're so smart they know if they damage the property you'll probably do anything to get them to stop, including let them in or out!

This is another Dollar Store Crafts contest entry. All I did was measure the thickness of the door frame (14 cm), and it's distance from the wall (11 cm), and cut the carpet square accordingly. I found that on the inside edge it needed an angled line, so I cut from the corner to a space about a centimeter further out and it fit perfectly. Bonus: even if you have to buy EVERYTHING it will still only cost $4 plus tax! Everything is available at the Dollar Tree.

An unbound carpet square
An Exacto knife
A ruler
A permanent marker

Jewelry Holder Tutorial

I created this jewelry holder for the Dollar Store Crafts $5 or less contest. Everything is from the dollar store except my tools and the E6000 glue. I bought two bags of river rocks, but I only needed to use one and still had rocks left over.


a slender clear glass vase 
a medium sized clear glass plate 
a bag of river rocks or flattened marbles 
a roll of craft wire
a tube of E6000 glue or equivalent
a pair of round nosed pliers
a pair of wire cutters

The first thing I did was take off all the stickers and fill up the vase with river rocks. I made sure that the rocks went all the way to the top, but not even a little bit over. If they go above the top you won't be able to get a clean attachment when you glue on the plate later. 
Next, I glued the rocks onto the plate. This was the most time consuming part of the project, both the placement and waiting for the glue to dry. I did only a few at a time because I wanted to make sure the glue didn't dry before I got to the end. Then I carefully glued it on top of the vase.

While I was waiting for the glue to dry, I bent the wire that goes around the bottom of the plate. First I measured it to about twice the circumference of the plate; you can measure along the outside of the plate if you want but I just eyeballed it. Using the round nosed pliers, bend a tight corner about two inches from the end of the wire. The wire should be folded over itself. Bend the two pieces away from each other about an inch up, and make four or five more in the same way. Turn the folds into hooks by bending them sideways into a nice hook shape. Finally, fold the two ends over each other and bend them back to make two interlocked hooks. I think the pictures are easier to understand:

Once the glue was dry I turned the whole thing upside down (carefully! It's heavy from all those rocks!) and slid the wire over the vase. I centered it and pressed it flat against the vase, then used copious amounts of glue under it and on both sides of the wire. As soon as it dries you can hang your jewelry on it! I use the top for chunky jewelry and hair clips that won't get lost among the rocks and the hooks for earrings and more delicate bracelets and necklaces.


This is my very first post on Megan's Nest. I write a blog for my school, but I decided I needed a forum where I could post opinions that the school might not want to endorse (for fear of alienating people). I also might want to talk about something other than Montessori (gasp!). So when I saw the contest hosted over at Dollar Store Crafts, I decided now was the time! I have three projects to enter, but I'll post them separately.
For now, I'll do just a short introduction of myself.
My name is Megan (duh), and I am a Montessori toddler teacher. I'm finishing up my AMI training for birth to age three, and I'm already trained for 3-6. I love to craft but I'm not very patient and I like projects that I can finish in one sitting. This means that I will probably never post a tutorial for a long project. I will, however, probably post a lot of tutorials for Montessori materials.
 I do not have children yet but it is my fondest desire. I am an advocate for breastfeeding, gentle discipline, and the child's right to independence. I am strongly opposed to circumcision, spanking, and screen time for children under six. I will probably write about these things at one point or another; if you disagree with me please comment respectfully or not at all.
That's about it, for now. Check out my next post for a bathroom jewelry holder tutorial!